Balles Débloques is a new Contact Juggling duet based in France. Combined, Thomas and Dawn have two decades experience! Finally, they have found each other to create a dynamic partnership of contact juggling skills. Email Dawn now to hire Balles Débloques

Castle in the Sky

The King and Queen of the Sky have come to visit the earth kingdom. This stilt walking Queen interacts with the children through bubbles while crowds gather as they are wowed by the royalty below who catches the bubbles and juggles them.

Groove Cave

This 5 minute stage duet is a delight to watch. Featuring new contact juggling techniques, paired together in this duet, this wee story searches reflections of the other and ourselves to discover more about our true nature.

We Haz Skillz!

Besides contact juggling, Thomas and Dawn can offers a range of skills. Thomas specializes in unicycle & diabolo animation, while Dawn can offer her many stage performance acts, including clown, hula hooping, ball and club juggling, and human statue.

Watch the Video of The King and Queen of the sky!

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