Dawn creates interactive atmospheres, Entertaining audiences around the world. Her presence carries mysterious magic with contact juggling or lively jubilance with clowning, hooping or fire. Contact Dawn today for performance and teaching inquiries.

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Shot in full HD, Dawn takes you through the basics of contact juggling: balances, body rolls and more. If you’re a frustrated newbie (it can be tough to learn!) or a long time enthusiast this DVD is for you.

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About Dawn

Find out more about how Dawn got started in the circus and what she is doing now!


Come experience the magic of Dawn’s performance in person. She’ll wow you with her crystal ball contact juggling.


Dawn is no one-trick pony. She’s been around the block, and is eager to share her knowledge with enthusiasts of the circus arts!


Access videos, images and media clips of Dawn in action – juggling, hula hooping, fire spinning, stilt walking…and more!

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Call for submissions for the CJ Collab video!

Call for submissions for the CJ Collab video!

For the past 6 years, contact jugglers around the world have been creating compilation videos of the community’s skillz. It is extremely wonderful to see everyone get together in one place to share different ideas, ways of moving and playing with contact juggling. Call For Submissions This year, Darwin Pimentel and I have agreed to share the Contact Juggling Collaboration edit. This is the call for submissions! It’s your chance to be a part of the community. We are looking for contact jugglers of ANY SKILL LEVEL from all around the world to send us approximately 15 second video clips of your best contact juggling to share with the world. Some things to think about: Look for interesting scenery, and good backgrounds.  Working in a group with other CJer’s if you can All skill levels welcome! Seriously, if you WANT to join us COME PLAY! This is for everyone! .mov formats preferred Here’s a few of the past years for more inspiration! 2015 Edited by Darwin 2014 Edited by Darwin 2013 Edited by Sennyo and... read more
Moving to Montreal

Moving to Montreal

Hey Everyone, I am moving to Montreal and I am STOKED! Every time I move to a new city, I have this idea that I can be a better person. This time, I’ll have it together. I won’t have limits. I won’t get sick. This time, I’ll stop using the pronoun “I” in my writing, unlike all those other self-obsessed narcissistic blog writers. I’ll just start using “you” instead and project all my bullshit onto my readers and followers. It will be a selfless journey, where the power to change is within reach and all you has to do is give. less.fucks. You won’t let the critics bother you. You are more than your doubts and worries. Magically, you will have it all together and even though you have to cancel all your bills, accounts, sell all your furniture and buy ones on the other side, the transition will not phase you. You are stronger than that now. Making the money you need to pay for the cost of moving will appear from thin air, and you’ll pay off all your debt to boot. You can now have perfect teeth, and your health insurance definitely won’t be a huge bureaucratic pain in the ass to get. People will be your friend, and you’re weekends will be filled with exciting things to do. You won’t have conflict between your performance job and these new friends, even though you only work on nights and weekends. You’ll finally be able to pay for their beers generously, and give yourself to all their emotional needs without a problem, obviously. Surely, the circus career... read more
Some 30 Day Challenge Heroes!

Some 30 Day Challenge Heroes!

So many people did really amazing 30 day challenge videos this year, and a lot of them did compilation video edits so we can watch them all in one shot! If you haven’t done a 30 day Flow Challenge yet, I seriously recommend you start now! No matter what prop you use, it will strengthen your resolve, your practice and your understanding of your own work. Here are some of the heroes that made huge progress in their 30 days in January. Juggleheart – Germany – contact juggling She has such a soft, warm touch, yet her style is very fluid and controlled. This is a hard task to complete! She stayed with us throughout the whole challenge, and it was great to have her support during the ups and downs of training. Gonzolo – Argentina – new style ball juggling My new favorite toss juggler, Gonzolo is a beast at sequences! Watching him has helped me level up my own toss juggling game, and inspired me to push farther. Yet, honestly, you would enjoy watching his clean style much more than my own. Mark Williams – New Zealand – Ball Juggler & more Mark is from New Zealand and he is working on some fun and unique work with his 7-11 ball rolling basket ball cascades. He is also a really great juggler in general, and his Contact Juggling moves excite me (always). Despite all his technique, of course I favor the clowny bit with the bum bump… Nick Jack Juggles – 3 ball juggling base patterns He has been learning the base patterns in juggling and it... read more

What People are Saying About Dawn

Since we met Dawn back in 2011, she has been a fundamental part of our planning and outreach. She is the best kind of advisor – someone who’s not afraid to tell you that you’re doing something terrible, when needed, but also who suggests positive solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had. We’ve spent three years getting better and better, and Dawn has played an important part in that. Nick Broad, founder

The Busking Project

Dawn Marie is an incredible instructor and coach. Her class was pack and she still managed to offer an amazing workshop with lots of personal attention. Her class was one of the highlights of the festival and I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a great coach. Carisa Hendrix, director of Prop Fest Alberta

Dawn is a professional, expert in her field of expertise who made the 2 hour workshop feel like a walk in the park. At the end, everyone felt that they accomplished what looked impossible at the beginning and felt the time just flew by. Joe Nifco


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