Dawn creates interactive atmospheres, Entertaining audiences around the world. Her presence carries mysterious magic with contact juggling or lively jubilance with clowning, hooping or fire. Contact Dawn today for performance and teaching inquiries.

Learn to contact juggle with her new DVD!

Shot in full HD, Dawn takes you through the basics of contact juggling: balances, body rolls and more. If you’re a frustrated newbie (it can be tough to learn!) or a long time enthusiast this DVD is for you.

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About Dawn

Find out more about how Dawn got started in the circus and what she is doing now!


Come experience the magic of Dawn’s performance in person. She’ll wow you with her crystal ball contact juggling.


Dawn is no one-trick pony. She’s been around the block, and is eager to share her knowledge with enthusiasts of the circus arts!


Access videos, images and media clips of Dawn in action – juggling, hula hooping, fire spinning, stilt walking…and more!

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Learn Contact Juggling with Dawn Dreams! Check out her tutorial DVD

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New Roving Act Available!

New Roving Act Available!

There is a new act on the block called Bubble masters! This ring master walks through crowds and uses all the bubbles to attract a little elf who catches the bubbles. A little show begins and the ringmaster walks ahead and begins the game again. Really fun for festivals and street crowds, replaying the magic of a mini-show until the end of the road! Check out the bubble masters and book it for your next festival!... read more

Maternity Leave

Hello Everyone!   Sorry I have been offline for a while. I was busy getting married and having a baby ! I am slowly coming back online as I apply to festivals and get back into training for the summer season. I look forward to doing more writing and vlogging.   Meanwhile, we started a website called www.ballcontact.org to share tutorials and ideas about Contact Juggling. I will be hosting more tutorials soon, when the baby is napping &  I can grab a chance to edit from my desktop. Otherwise, check out the video of a performance I was in called CirqaZerna when I was 7 1/2 months preggers!... read more
4 ways learning to drive teaches responsibility

4 ways learning to drive teaches responsibility

When I was 18, I really didn’t care to get a license and drive. To this day, I still walk, bike and take transit almost everywhere. I love it! However, my parents were forceful about me driving. At the time, they told me “woman shouldn’t be walking alone at night.” Seriously, for this strong-headed feminist woman, that wasn’t convincing. Yet, I did pass the exam, and have learned to appreciate having the ability to drive throughout my life. It is clear to me know that learning the skill of driving is one that gives every young person the unique comprehension of being a leader. Although you can acquire these skills in other ways, it is rare when I meet someone who can’t drive who possesses all of them. And, although I feel it’s healthier for an individual, and better for the planet to bike to work, the knowledge that comes with learning to drive is unlike any other task. Decisiveness You have to be decisive when driving. It requires you plan a route in advance, when to get gas, if you will stop for a light when it turns yellow or even make quick decisions to turn around. Making decisions like this are the same kind of decisions we make to become leaders in our community. Responsibility to other people When you are a driver, you have a responsibility to your passengers in the car, as well as to all the pedestrians and other vehicles on the road, including bikes! If you fail to be responsible in a vehicle, you can harm, or fatally kill someone. This is a... read more

What People are Saying About Dawn

Since we met Dawn back in 2011, she has been a fundamental part of our planning and outreach. She is the best kind of advisor – someone who’s not afraid to tell you that you’re doing something terrible, when needed, but also who suggests positive solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had. We’ve spent three years getting better and better, and Dawn has played an important part in that. Nick Broad, founder

The Busking Project

Dawn Marie is an incredible instructor and coach. Her class was pack and she still managed to offer an amazing workshop with lots of personal attention. Her class was one of the highlights of the festival and I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a great coach. Carisa Hendrix, director of Prop Fest Alberta

Dawn is a professional, expert in her field of expertise who made the 2 hour workshop feel like a walk in the park. At the end, everyone felt that they accomplished what looked impossible at the beginning and felt the time just flew by. Joe Nifco


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