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Learn to contact juggle with Dawn!

Shot in full HD, Dawn takes you through the basics of contact juggling: balances, body rolls and more. If you’re a frustrated newbie (it can be tough to learn!) or a long time enthusiast this DVD is for you.

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Access videos, images and media clips of Dawn in action – juggling, hula hooping, fire spinning, stilt walking…and more!

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We Learn Better Together – Workshop in August!

We Learn Better Together – Workshop in August!

Has it been hard for you to learn contact juggling? Struggling to learn contact juggling is, unfortunately, normal. Compared to many of the flow arts, those initial moves take a lot of determination to achieve. Right now, contact juggling, is poorly taught. We need to review our pedagogy.  Also, in North America, we are far away from each other and that makes it more difficult to be motivated. That’s why we strive to put new and improved lessons on youtube, and trying to help the community grow from an informed place. I think we can build an army of great contact jugglers and push this field forward! We Learn Better Together Thom and I started a new website called – a project that is dedicated to learning and growing as contact jugglers. We all used to use, but when Facebook came along, it took over our community. Still, it’s important to make lessons simple, easy to achieve and really change the philosophy that juggling stands on. We are here to change the way we learn contact juggling, and we want to bring everyone to one place, because we learn better together. Join us in Montreal for our first 2 days intensive contact juggling workshop! Contact Ball Intensive AUGUST 11 & 12 9H15 – 15H30 MONTREAL, QC SADHAKA YOGA STUDIO Contact juggling is lonely on your own. Come and meet friends & learn this art together! We will help you integrate movement of the body with props movement. We will take a deeper look at your use of body rolling, butterflies, and your body’s balance. This workshop will... read more
How to obtain a permit for Street Performing in Montreal

How to obtain a permit for Street Performing in Montreal

Great news! I have recently been appointed to the joint committee of street performers (otherwise known as “Des Amuseurs Publics” here) in Montreal. At a recent city council meeting, the artists themselves select 2 appointees for circle show performers, and 3 for musicians. Let’s be clear, all I had to do was show up to the council meeting and volunteer for the position, but, still, YAY.  I am now officially a street rat advocate! Our job is to communicate with the city counsel when people need to resolve busking community issues. It’s been very difficult for me to understand this system & it’s recently changed again, so I am happy to be helpful for anyone coming into the city to try to explain the way things work. This city’s bureaucratic system is definitely broken in every way, and the busker permit is no different! Here’s what you need to know: To be a busker in Montreal, you need to obtain a permit from La Ville Marie on the 17th floor at 800 rue Maisonneuve est. They have recently gotten rid of the audition system, so you can now apply all year long. The license itself costs $160 to renew, and an extra $50 just to open a file if you are new. This is definitely the most expensive busking license in Canada! To obtain a permit, you must prove to the administration that you are worthy of being a street performer. You can do this by a) be a card carrying member of a professional association b) show that you have a education in the arts c) have another... read more
Choreograph Breath

Choreograph Breath

I had an amazing experience recently. When I was performing at the Waterloo Juggling Festival, everything in my act went exactly as planned. This, of course, sounds how it should be, but if I am honest with you, I have really struggled in my carrier to nail it. I do well, enough to ensure no one else notices my foibles, but there was one thing that drastically changed how I felt during my act: I choreographed a moment of stillness in order to take a deep breath. In fact, even in this act, I forgot to choreograph one last breath in the final minute of the act. At 40 seconds, I fumbled just a tiny bit. How was I making it through 6 minutes without breathing  before? In reality, it’s scary to take time to be still on stage. This makes me feel all the feelings contained within my body. All eyes are upon me in that moment, and I feel the urge to do and be something. There is this voice inside that says “You don’t want to waste a precious second of your audiences time without entertainment!”. It’s a lie. As my teacher David McMurray Smith says “Nothing never happens”. But when you are up on stage, building energy, it is very likely that your sympathetic nervous system has kicked in. Your body becomes a jumble of nerves and using cognitive functions becomes more difficult. The body puts its resources into fight or flight responses.  It’s screaming “Do something!”. This is where all that practice comes in handy! It’s great to rehearse an act 100 times but... read more

What People are Saying About Dawn

Since we met Dawn back in 2011, she has been a fundamental part of our planning and outreach. She is the best kind of advisor – someone who’s not afraid to tell you that you’re doing something terrible, when needed, but also who suggests positive solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had. We’ve spent three years getting better and better, and Dawn has played an important part in that. Nick Broad, founder

The Busking Project

Dawn Marie is an incredible instructor and coach. Her class was pack and she still managed to offer an amazing workshop with lots of personal attention. Her class was one of the highlights of the festival and I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a great coach. Carisa Hendrix, director of Prop Fest Alberta

Dawn is a professional, expert in her field of expertise who made the 2 hour workshop feel like a walk in the park. At the end, everyone felt that they accomplished what looked impossible at the beginning and felt the time just flew by. Joe Nifco


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