Dawn creates interactive atmospheres, Entertaining audiences around the world. Her presence carries mysterious magic with contact juggling or lively jubilance with clowning, hooping or fire. Contact Dawn today for performance and teaching inquiries.

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Scheherazade short

Scheherazade short

Performing to Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade was a grande experience. The ability to perform with a full symphony was so full and rich with emotion and powerful technique. So many people’s passion combined into a single moment, with the addition of my expression of story telling and music was pure magic. Orchestral music is so rich on it’s own, but then they added my work to the mix. So many people who held me up and allowed me to share this with the world: Evan Michell The musical director, and who contacted me with this brilliant proposal, giving me a platform to express myself with. Remi Laroussinie who helped build the foundations of this piece, and reworked my work for more poise and grace Bekka Rose who was an outside eye, a lighting technician and my unconditional support. Her strength is in the details and she understands what needs to get done to make things clean and beautiful. Of course, my parents, my husband and all my friends whom I’ve spoke to in the last year were continuously helpful and gave me insights and I am grateful for every piece of advice that helped this come together. After getting off that stage, there is so much gratitude for each member of the symphony. The only thing more that I could wish for is that it could be a run of shows for a couple days in a... read more


Scheherazade is ready for her debut! Last night there was a dressed rehearsal before the debut of the newest show Scheherazade. It’s opening night next Sunday in the Kingston Grande Theatre. It’s a sold out show, and my parents will be there for the first time seeing me on stage (after 10 years of performing!) You can see the details of the show here: http://kingstongrand.ca/event/brahms-rimsky-korsakov-mw1 And some sneak peaks on my instagram: Stick balance. A video posted by Dawn Dreams (@dawn_dreams) on Sep 19, 2016 at 9:50am PDT Shahrazade tease. #storytelling #contactjuggling A video posted by Dawn Dreams (@dawn_dreams) on Sep 19, 2016 at 9:19am PDT... read more
Gandini’s 4X4 Ephemeral Architectures

Gandini’s 4X4 Ephemeral Architectures

I had the pleasure of seeing the Gandini Jugglers perform the Montreal Premiere of 4X4 Ephemeral Architectures at the Festival Completement Cirque here in Montreal. It is the second time I saw them this year (Win)! The first was their Meta Performance at the Rencontres Des Jonglages in Paris back in April, which also includes dancers, and is generally quite awesome. First can we just say the obvious? Ballet dancers are so beautiful. There is nothing so graceful in the world as properly trained dancers. *swoon* The Gandini’s may have convinced me to like ballet more than juggling. Oops. Easy review: The show was a success! A full standing Ovation for the whole group on their first night – congrats everyone! A longer comparison of the old version vs. now: I saw this show 2 years ago at Rencontre des Jonglages, and now there is a sense that the whole piece radically changed and matured. Yet, looking back at the trailer, the key elements are all very much still there. 2 years ago, the jugglers bodies and the ballet dancers bodies moved so differently from one another. Jugglers movements were so angular, always breaking at the elbows and wrists when they are throwing. The ballet dancers are the opposite, so graceful and floaty, and their lines always fluid. The show back then was a contrast and comparison between two different types of athletes. The similarities were that the dancers or the objects appear to float through the air effortlessly. The difference was the jugglers use an object as a central point of focus, and the dancer use their body as the point of focus. The... read more

What People are Saying About Dawn

Since we met Dawn back in 2011, she has been a fundamental part of our planning and outreach. She is the best kind of advisor – someone who’s not afraid to tell you that you’re doing something terrible, when needed, but also who suggests positive solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had. We’ve spent three years getting better and better, and Dawn has played an important part in that. Nick Broad, founder

The Busking Project

Dawn Marie is an incredible instructor and coach. Her class was pack and she still managed to offer an amazing workshop with lots of personal attention. Her class was one of the highlights of the festival and I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a great coach. Carisa Hendrix, director of Prop Fest Alberta

Dawn is a professional, expert in her field of expertise who made the 2 hour workshop feel like a walk in the park. At the end, everyone felt that they accomplished what looked impossible at the beginning and felt the time just flew by. Joe Nifco


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