Creating a memorable event is difficult, and you want are something new and thought provoking so people talk about it for years to come.

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Shot in full HD, Dawn takes you through the basics of contact juggling: balances, body rolls and more. If you’re a frustrated newbie (it can be tough to learn!) or a long time enthusiast this DVD is for you.

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Access videos, images and media clips of Dawn in action – juggling, hula hooping, fire spinning, stilt walking…and more!

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30 days of flow 2019

30 days of flow 2019

30 days of flow is here! Hello! I know it’s time to be gearing up for the holidays, but I wanted to catch you before you really start your plans for the new year. You will need to schedule this goal in! IT’S THE  (#30daysofflow) challenge 2019! It’s always an amazing way to start the years goals, feeling strong in your chosen flow field. I have been doing this challenge for 6 years now! I often set multiple challenges for myself, and due to this challenge, I still play the ukulele every day, and practice french! Ok, it helps that I live in Montreal. ANYWAY, Let’s do this!  You know the drill.   30 days of flow Starting January 2, 2019: Practice 30 minutes For 30 days With 1 favorite flow prop Post an instagram video for posterity. Use the hashtag #30daysofflow2019 It’s really fun to be part of this #30daychallege group every year! I am so excited for what you will... read more
New Costumes 2018

New Costumes 2018

So, I understand, these graphics are a good example of why you shouldn’t create your own graphics. But, this was an exercise in whimsy. At least it’s a great way to share all the new costumes I can offer after a serious upgrade this year. LED Winter Princess! You can’t be a performer without an LED costume these days! It’s so important to be seen in these dark days. I have this new heart shaped dress LED tutu that’s wonderful for the Christmas season. 50’s Rockabily This bright number is great for a punch of color at an event. Spunky, and high energy, this is wonderful for cocktail events and dinners Classic Circus Similar to the rock-ability, this is a throwback to the past with a classic vintage circus look, complete with matching luggage!   The Water Goddess This piece was inspired by the tide. Pulled by the moon, the waters of the earth are ever changing. Luna, the white eyed mystic, is the one who controls them. Jade This serious face shows the depth of the character that comes with this stage presence. This contact juggling piece is shows profound emotions, while looking you in the eye. Let me know if you like the new... read more
New LED costume!

New LED costume!

WEEE! I received my new LED costume in the mail! It’s a ballet tutu custom built for me, all dressed up for Christmas! Here’s a test photo to see the effect. It’s already snowing here in Montreal, and it just makes everything so pretty! This is so perfect for any Christmas event! I can’t wait to perform in it for... read more

What People are Saying About Dawn

Since we met Dawn back in 2011, she has been a fundamental part of our planning and outreach. She is the best kind of advisor – someone who’s not afraid to tell you that you’re doing something terrible, when needed, but also who suggests positive solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had. We’ve spent three years getting better and better, and Dawn has played an important part in that. Nick Broad, founder

The Busking Project

Dawn Marie is an incredible instructor and coach. Her class was pack and she still managed to offer an amazing workshop with lots of personal attention. Her class was one of the highlights of the festival and I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a great coach. Carisa Hendrix, director of Prop Fest Alberta

Dawn is a professional, expert in her field of expertise who made the 2 hour workshop feel like a walk in the park. At the end, everyone felt that they accomplished what looked impossible at the beginning and felt the time just flew by. Joe Nifco


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