Do you want to learn awesome skillz?

Dawn has workshops available on:

  • 3 ball juggling: Learn the basics of how to juggle
  • 4 & 5 ball juggling: How to begin numbers juggling
  • Beginner Contact Juggling: The First Steps to becoming a contact juggler
  • Advanced Contact Juggling: Dawn’s Drills, how to drill the body rolls
  • Busking: 5 types of shows and what you need to do to create them!
  • Free-play all day workshops: great for festivals as the one stop many prop shop!
  • Corporate Classes: 2 hours of the psychology of juggling

Contact Juggling Workshop descriptions:

Introduction to Contact Juggling/Body Rolling theory

All Levels

If you have never tried contact juggling before, this is your chance. This workshop is new framework for learning contact juggling, aimed at trying to get people to be capable to do body rolling more efficiently. Starting with some basic balances, Dawn will lead you through some drills to learn arm rolling on each side, steps to lead up to butterfly theory, and lead you into some basic chest roll theory at the end. All levels accepted!

VTG Contact Juggling Butterfly Theory – intermediate

*Basic Butterfly required

Using the butterfly in contact juggling, and then morphing it into a thousand patterns, this theory opens up a new world. Techniques that are found in spinning cultures can open up the range of motion used in contact juggling. These new techniques can be combined with body rolling theory to make a big impact on audiences. Dawn spent the last 2 years in France researching this new butterfly theory, learning that you could use VTG to understand new and interesting patterns giving the ability to dance and move with your ball play.  This theory is not taught by any one else in the world and will be the first time it is taught on North American soil!

Advanced Body Rolling

Intermediate to Advanced – continuation of Introduction to contact juggling/VTG workshops

*Butterfly required

Have you ever wanted to learn behind the neck rolls? Dawn has spent years learning how to teach this concept to others, and can give you tips and tricks. We can also jam concepts such as learning to roll from low to high, including bridge rolls, leg rolls and more! If time permits we can also learn about changing the various rolls into variations e.g.:  straight armed chest roll or barrel rolling while rolling a ball are concepts in advanced juggling.


Learn Diabolo, Hula hoop, devil sticks, Feather balancing, spinning plates, 3 ball – 5 ball juggling, juggling, contact juggling, stilt walking & basic circus skillz! Add some psychology into the mix and you’ll walk out knowing how it’s physically possible for us to balance and juggle our body and our life!

I’ve been teaching workshops on four continents for the last 10 years. I was the University of Victoria club president in 2008 & 2009, where I learned how to juggle all the things! Check out the Contact Juggling In Canada documentary series created with Ryan Mellors back in 2008 for a bit of history, or even better go check out the new self-produced DVD: Foundations of Contact Juggling – Body Rolling

For more information on booking me for workshops contact me.

There is a huge series of free contact juggling tutorials available on my YouTube! If you have any requests, please let me know and I will make you a video. 🙂

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