Foundations Of Body Rolling

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Foundations of Contact Juggling: Body Rolling
$25 CAD

Available in HD in Downloadable file (3GB)

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 Learn Contact Juggling with Dawn Dreams. Shot in full HD, she takes you through the Foundations of Contact Juggling: isolations, balances, body rolls and more. If you’re a frustrated newbie (it can be tough to learn!)…or a frustrated enthusiast – it never gets easy – this DVD is for you.


  • Standard definition DVD
  • 60 minutes of instructional material
  • Bonus: 3 short contact juggling shorts in HD
  • English

Lesson Plan


  1.    A brief history
  2.    3 balances
  3.    Arm curls
  4.    Palm walks
  5.    Sequencing
  6.    Posture
  7.    Two point rolls
  8.    Momentum vs gravity
Basic Body Rolling

  1.    inside arm rolls
  2.    outside arm rolls
  3.    cradle transfer
  4.    extending balance theory
  5.    two point rolls II
  6.    elevator shaft
  7.    palm to cradle
  8.    transfers
  9.    wing rolls

  1.    cheat enigmas and rolls
  2.    dancing with the ball
  3.    playing with eyes
  4.    playing with height
  5.    slow motion
  6.    tips
Extending the Basics

  1.    arm roll extensions
  2.    rockin rolls
  3.    walks
  4.    pivot rolls
  5.    butterflies
  6.    Chest Rolls
  7.    Collapsed Chest Rolls

 Learn Contact Juggling

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