30 days of flow is here!

Hello! I know it’s time to be gearing up for the holidays, but I wanted to catch you before you really start your plans for the new year. You will need to schedule this goal in!

IT’S THE  (#30daysofflow) challenge 2019! It’s always an amazing way to start the years goals, feeling strong in your chosen flow field. I have been doing this challenge for 6 years now! I often set multiple challenges for myself, and due to this challenge, I still play the ukulele every day, and practice french! Ok, it helps that I live in Montreal.

ANYWAY, Let’s do this! 

You know the drill.


30 days of flow

Starting January 2, 2019:

Practice 30 minutes

For 30 days

With 1 favorite flow prop

Post an instagram video for posterity.

Use the hashtag #30daysofflow2019

It’s really fun to be part of this #30daychallege group every year! I am so excited for what you will create! 

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