We Did it! There are 237 videos on the #30dayflowchallenge hashtag and 305 videos on the #30daysofflow hashtag! Incredible work by everyone who got involved.

Things I learned this challenge include:

  • Having community support to keep you accountable makes a big difference for getting off your bum and just getting the work done.
  • We all have dark days, sick days, grumpy days and harder days where things just don’t work out for our practice, but they often have their own break through moments and the practice itself helps you get through it.
  • It’s really vulnerable to be posting so many videos of yourself online all the time. There was a lot of self judgement in all aspects of my work including the work itself (especially the contemporary dance/emotional clown work), the gym clothes I wear, the (lack of) make up, my background music choices and just the act of posting about myself every.single.day that feels really strange! (see the hashtag #flowspam).
  • It’s good to see the group learning from each other. I would often try others tricks (most of which were not posted) and I would revisit old tricks I’d forgotten after watching others posting them.
  • Seeing my work on video really helped me clean my lines, and see the differences between graceful and less graceful work and gave me a better idea what to include in my final show
  • I connected through twitter to new people who are doing the #365daysofcircus challenge!! 365 days!!! Good work. Keep it up folks!!


  • the #30dayabschallenge is way more difficult than the juggling challenge!!! WHO DOES 200 crunches & 120 sit ups in one sitting??
  • That said the #30dayabchallenge significantly helped my balance and strength. I would do it again in a heart beat!!!

Next up!?
#30daypressup challenge and the Choreography Transition Challenge. Stay tuned!

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