A Year in Review

Skip to the end of the email if you just want free stuff 😉This time of year to take time to write about each accomplishment and detrimint during each month of the year. What went well, what could I improve? I write out each month of the year individually and state what big tasks were accomplished. First, it helps me come tax time, when it’s all organized, but second, it’s good to relfect on how close I am to my actual dreams. A resume I keep, I write every show I have ever taken part. This year, I am proud to say, I have reached some milestones I once fantasized about.

  • I attended 4 Busking Festivals across Canada, making it my first performing tour.
  • I helped refugee kids in Thailand for 2 months with SPARK! Circus
  • My first National TV appearance is coming shortly, and I had many TV appearances from the Toronto Busker Festival.
  • I will have taken part in organizing over 20 events in my lifetime!
  • I was noted in publications like Digital Journal for the Toront Busker Festival and Trip Wolf as a Busker in The Busking Project Documentary
  • I won my first photo contest
  • My photos were published for the first time.
  • I was honored to be Dolly Hopkins Women of the Month for the Month of October, that’s the best birthday present I have ever recieved!
  • I have now been in over 300 shows, not including busking, which puts my actual number of shows around 1000!

Next year I have dreams to become a world record holder, I would like to tour in the Maritimes (I’ve never been!), and I would like to “complete” my 45 minute circle act, with promotions so I  can create a 2014 tour and I would like to finally learn French.

Do you reflect on what your year was like?

Do you have big dreams for the up coming year?

Some more fun things in this email:

SPARK! Circus needs your help.

UVIC Juggle and Flow Fest!

Zoink’d! – I’m going to be on TV!

Post Card Art Project

SPARK! Needs your help!

“Spark! is an international volunteer circus organization that teaches playshops, performs spectacular fire shows, and donates toys, tools and art supplies to disadvantaged children along the Northern Thai-Burmese border. Our amazing team of twenty volunteers gives over 6 weeks of our time to bring play, creativity and laughter; reaching over 4,000 refugee and migrant children each year.  We are going from January 5 to February 22nd, 2013.

Spark! Circus has done this for the last 7 years. We pay our own way. We pay our own food and accommodation. Each of us raises funds in our own communities to donate to project costs. We work hard, travel on local buses and sometimes sleep rough. We volunteer to perform for and teach children who have nothing, not even identity papers…

If you remember, I have been a part of SPARK! Over the last 2 years now. However, I am devoted to my studies to get my Bachelors of Social Work and I will no longer be able to attend as a part of the troupe. However, I wish the team success, and with that, I am passing on to you a chance to help.

Spark Circus Currently has an fundraising page. It needs to fundraise to be able to travel to each of the schools and help buy the children toys to play with after SPARK! leaves. Children need to play! Give what you would pay on a coffee to a small child with no home, no registration and no fun in their lives. Every little bit helps.

Check out SPARK’s pages for more information



Or Donate now at their fundraising page:


UVic Juggling and Flow Festival

The University of Victoria Juggling club is at it again. The 7th not even remotely annual Victoria juggling festival is back & It’s Good Till The Last Drop.Our Gala show is shaping up amazingly as we have just confirmed Komei Aoki will be headlining our festival! OMG – I get to perform along side Komei!! Achieving your dreams just takes creating opportunities, doesn’t it!? The workshops we are offering diverse and glorious including all types of juggling and spinning props! This years festival is devoted to new ideas, merging the old and the new and bringing out the inner tech-geek, with dancing and juggling stylz.January 18th – 20thFriday, Saturday, Sunday

Open Gym, Workshops, Food, Juggling vendors

Opens 2pm at Central Middle School, Victoria, BC

Gala show 8pm @ Metro Studios



This event is sure to sell out. Ticket sales start soon!


When I was a child, I watched the show You Can’t Do That On Television, and I seriously dreamed I was on it just so I could say “I Don’t Know” and get slimed. This year I got that chance, on the TV show called ZOINK’D! YTV Flew me out for a day to do this TV shoot in their Toronto Studios, and the show is airing now! They don’t tell me which day I am on, so you’re just going to have to watch and see! You get a glimpse of me in their promo for the show on their website :)Watch on Saturday night’s at 6pm EST to find out what happens to me! (OH! That’s tonight!!)Or check it out online

Gifts for YOU!

Please, send me your address :). I have been making hand made postcards from photos I have taken over the last year. I try to take a photo a day, so I have a lot! What good are they to me if I don’t share them?If you would like one, send me an email titled “Postcard Please” with your address and I will send them out as soon as I can!Thanks everyone! Hope the rest of your 2012 is awesome,see you next year!


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