I did this awesome charity event in December called Art For Impact 5 ~ House Awake. It was filled with amazing artists and raised money for Rain City Housing to help house those with mental illness in the Downtown Eastside. With such awesome artists and all proceeds going to a wicked charity, how could anything get better? Well, for one, I got to try my newest character, my statue.


This was considerably more fun than I anticipated, when I first think statue I think “stillness is boring”, but I was so wrong.  The reactions from the crowd were intense, from full fearful jumps to staring contests, just watching other people was extremely fun. Every once and a while I would juggle, and it brought a new element to their appreciation, although I feel juggling feels too fast for a statues movement.

This costume made me feel giddy, like at day camp when I used to play the game “Darling if you love me won’t you please please smile” I felt the direct need to laugh out loud and smile the whole night long! And I thought statue work required a deep meditation, really, it took me everything to not smile and laugh the whole night through, and even then I failed sometimes!
People even tried to tickle me, which I worry about when I street perform with this new costume. People forget you are real, and then they want to touch you to see if you are! I guess it’s a compliment, if they believe I am a real statue than I am doing my work convincingly.


All photos done by Sheng Ho shenghocreative@gmail.com

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