Rémi Laroussinie

This past few days I was working with Rémi Laroussinie as an Artistic Accompaniment on a big show that I am creating for September. Rémi is one of the co-founders of Maison Des Jonglages in Paris, which is the only cultural body in the world that is officially recognized and identifies juggling as a field in contemporary art.

This project is a blend of theatre, dance, object manipulation, clown, and of course, contact juggling. It is a 35 minute solo act that will be with the Kingston Symphony, and I am very excited to present this important piece of my work to the world in just under 4 months time. There is still a lot of work to be done, but having an outside eye certainly clarifies the intentions and directions of the piece, and I am have deep gratitude for Rémi to accompany me on this creative journey.

This work deepens my practice and commitment to the juggling arts more and more, and Rémi has paved the way for this to happen in France. I hope to continue to pave the way for this to happen in Canada.

We were also included as special guest on Pulsar Radio speaking about Art, and if Art can change the world. Give it a listen here:



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