I’ve been waiting for months, in anticipation, dreaming of this wild ride. It has been so long now that I had forgotten what it felt like, the memories have faded and I can’t feel it or smell it, and barely can see it in my mind.

I feel so awkward and scared. My heart beats faster and I start to rise, it’s beautiful. I am surround in untouched white, where the danger that shows are the quick rocky falls. There are no trees here, ready to run free yet, I doubt myself and I try to keep my feet on the ground. I begin to remember. I am humbled again. I reassure myself, I am excited. I want to be here. I can stand tall and slide. All I have to do is float down this cloud.

This all seems really familiar; I have been here before. My body knows this balance and as everything begins to fly by faster; time slows down. There’s no telling what’s coming under my feet, just brace and be flexible. My body begins to feel the ebb and flow automatically, and leads me in awe.

Sheer joy fills me in this timeless state. Life is bliss; my body is my playground, give’r.

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