DawnDreams is going on tour, then hunkering down on her newest project at an artist residency. Check out this out to find out if you can come see her show!

Dawn Dreams Circus

June 2013


This weekend around Vancouver,

Saturday come see Goldie at the Richmond Night Market, or my Poetry in Motion piece on Sunday (details below). Better yet, the most important shows I do are at The Madskillz Festival Gala where I will preimere Winning Wendy! Stay at the festival for the workshops, the regagade show and the massive fire bonanza!

In Victoria (Canada), Fredrica (Denmark) and Edinburgh (Scotland)

You can find me performing around Europe this summer and will certainly see me at the Victoria Buskers Festival, The Danish Clown Festival, and the  Edinburgh Fringe Festival (achieving a lifetime goal getting there)!

Then I will be going to an art residency in France for 3 months to make Poetry in Motion a 40 minute one women solo!! During this time, I plan to attend festivals in France, UK, Spain, Holland and travel around many other countries for pleasure and fun. If you would like me to come perform or do a workshop in your country, please get in touch. I return to Canada to attend Turbofest in Quebec,  with hopes to move there within the year. I will be accomplishing another goal of learning to speak French Fluently – Finally!

I hope to see you there! But, if you can’t make it out, watch my silly clip from Zoink’d! Kids recognize Goldie on the streets of Vancouver now!

None of this would be possible without your support along the way. Can’t wait to see you!

Juggling The Alphabet

Come see Poetry In Motion  before it’s epic change! This piece is a bit of a larger caberet show @ the In The House Festival, This Sunday, 2pm in Vancouver

Photos Of My Crowd

Photos Of My Crowd

Recently, while I street perform, I have been a bit cheeky. When people take a lot of photos, I whip out my camera and take photos right back. What do you do with all these photos of people smiling at you?

New Lessons Online!

Lessons Online!

I have begun making my online lesson series! I am starting with arm rolls, in a fimiliar workshop I called “Dawn’s Drills”. This workshop will make your body rolls hardcore. Keep yours eyes peeled for the new series!

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