It’s been a great summer in France, learning about the street festivals and juggling festivals across the country. Also, traveling across Europe and performing in 8 different countries this year, I have learned about the European performance scene. I am writing about the various countries and the performance permits on The Busking Project if you would like to follow along!

Also, I have been writing for the Flow Arts Institute about the history of the term Flow Arts, defining what Flow Arts means to me and writing about the differences in Juggling vs Flow Arts.

Now that that the Performance season is slowing down, and I no longer have a working visa here, I will be retraining my clown technique with Ian Wallace and Sara Tiley in Italy, and continuing my research on the letters work on my own.

I look forward to returning to Canada in March (as I am hoping for an extension of my holiday Visa here in France until my partner completes his studies) and showing the world the new things from Europe!

As I have more time, you will surely see more posts from me soon.
À Bientot!


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