Hello friendly jugglers,

I’ve been counting the number of women on stage at various juggling festivals I have attended in 2015 and it confirms what I have been suspecting.

Women are not found in equal numbers on Gala stages at juggling festivals, and more generally, are not as respected in the juggling community. (Except for the EJC Gala show – way to go EJC team!)

This is happening in many fields across the world, and there is good research on gender demographics in those fields. Check out these mathematicians who created an article titled All Male Panels Don’t Just Happen That Way.

But there is no demographic research in juggling yet. So, let’s start counting!

I need your help. I need someone to email me the ratio of women to men on stages for every juggling festival this year.

Info needed:
# of women
# of men
Type of stage (renegade, open, Gala**)
Name of Festival
Type of festival (Juggling fest, Flow Festival, Passing convention, etc)

and any other information you have about the festival that may influence demographics. I will be collecting these all year long. The more festivals we have the better our statistics will be at the end of the year! Then we can have a better picture of the demographics in the juggling world.

please send it to juggleinfinity [at] gmail.com

Thanks for you help in the inquiry about equality for women in juggling!

** I really would like to focus mostly on Gala stages (featured performers) to see who is held up as the leaders in our community. Gala stages are easily seen and easily counted. I would love to count many other factors, but this will be enough work for me at this time as it is.

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