The Final show at Le CouveNt was on November 30th, and it was my first 40 minute solo show. I completed and performed 10 new bits of acts, and my 3 contact juggling acts. It was a complete cabaret, including hat and staff, hoops, cigar boxes, club manipulation, 3-5 ball, volunteer bits, some puppet work (with my new “friend” Buddy) and my new specialty – my anagram acts. I will prepare videos soon!

The anagrams are very difficult to create, but I seriously look forward to having complete skill with them. At this time, it’ s a balance act, and in part it’s because of the limitations with the props. This is prototype 8, and I am working with www.jugglegear.com to create the best version of jugglable letters. I hope to have them before next summer!


Now, I am on the road again! First, it’s to visit the Greenwhich Circus Festival in London. I am excited to see the Hangar 2. I haven’t seen it since I stayed with them for 5 months the summer of 2006! Then I am home for the holidays. Soon, training continues as I hit TurboFest in Quebec City in January, then Victoria Juggling Festival where I will premiere my work with the anagrams in their current form!!




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