I have had some difficulty street performing this summer. Along with other factors,  suddenly everyone started ignoring contact juggling and all I could hear were whispers of this f-word. Then some got loud, “I saw that on TV!” an American tourist would exclaim in the middle of my show. “Fuh-Fuh….” they say

“nope, this is contact juggling” and I explain to them that they’ve been duped into thinking a ball can magically float as hand them a ball to try themselves. “This is a skill that I have taken 9 years to learn, it is not as easy as they make it out to be”.

I call it the F.ball with good reason.  The first offense was the misleading advertising, as it single handedly convinces the entire American public that contact juggling can be learned in an instant with one false advertisement. The second is the less-than-perfect manufacturing process can be proven with a few easy tests. The latest blow includes using a mock website with the registered trademark of Sphereplay  for their own commercial gain (which they have since taken down upon request). Ouch, that’s Low ZoomTV, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

I have begun an information campaign, simply trying to inform people about the problems with this product and this company, in a re-educational campaign about what contact juggling is really about.

Check out the videos, they are very revealing!

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