So I have arrived back in Vancouver after that amazing trip. I wish I could have blogged more, but I did not have a computer with me during the trip! When I can afford a new camera and computer (as they have both broken and are only moderately working), I will have a better blog, I promise. Ariel did allow me to use her camera, so I will be using those photos when I get a chance to describe more experiences about the journey through Thailand touring with the circus.

I have set up an image gallery from some photos taken of me during the trip. Many of the photos are from Lucy Lynn at who did some amazing work photographing all of us artists and children! Photos also included are from Christy Lee Smith who owns a store called Jai Yen and has traveled Thailand for many years, Solenne Alexa Vanne, who is part of the San Francisco scene and Annika Zimmermann, one of the coolest clowns one could find (and you can find her here : )

[nggallery id=3]

In the meantime, I have gotten back into the full swing of life in Vancouver. I have started my background extras gigs, my hair dressing, my part time job and I will be in the International Women’s Day Parade tomorrow! As you can imagine, it all keeps me very busy. Soon enough I can afford a camera of my own, and then I can blog with photos of my own!
Until then, thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences and allowing the use of their photos!

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