I am back! Here’s a Sneak Preview of Dawn’s newest act & tour dates in Quebec and Toronto!
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(In Canada)

Hey Hey, How are you doing?

Things are great here, just wanted to give you some tour dates, a download, and a bit of my story from France.

For 2 years I was living and training in France. Moving across the world actually meant a complete deconstruction of all I knew before, and a newly reconstructed view of the world.

I re-learned how to walk and balance my body, and by practicing walking and dancing, I learned how to listen to how my body feels. I did this daily.

I re-learned how to talk by learning French. I relearned how to write by writing for The Busking Project and the Flow Arts Institute. Understanding tone, speed, and articulation is something I never heard or paid attention when speaking english, but they became became important when learning a foreign language. Most of all, I learned how much attention is required for real listening. Speaking in a second language is an game of endurance of one’s attention span. Who knew?

I re-learned how to drive. It was a manual car and I drove through small windy village towns, with the feel of an engine at my fingertips. The space a car takes-up became very apparent when the size of the roads are the size of one lane in Canada. It is still too much to pay attention to driving while speaking French at the same time.

It was like reliving 30 years of life in a 2 year time period. Except I am consciously aware of my infantile ways.

All of this allows for a deeper expression, a more complex understanding, and a fuller view of art.

So now, after all that transformation, I have come back to Canada. Goldie has a new dress, I have created new acts and this show is back on the road!

Tour Dates

There are some special performances coming up this year, in particular, I have been working since November to get my 35 minute solo ready to perform with  the Kingston Symphony in September. But you can find me before then too!

June 23- 27  Gatineau, Quebec Festival L’Outaouais en fête 2016

July 1 – 3 Toronto Ontario Harbourfront Canada Day Festivities

June 29th, July 6, 8 & 9 Montreal, Quebec roaming performances at the  Jazz Festival

July 15 – 30 Montreal, Quebec Street Performing with Just For Laughs

September 25 Kingston, Ontario, A night with the Kingston Symphony

On top of these dates, you will find me street performing in Montreal’sJaques Cartiers Square – so if you’re in the neighbourhood, come down and visit me in my new ‘hood.

Fahrenheit Flow Arts Festival was filled with so much joy!
The Flow Arts Institute invited me to be a part of their Fahrenheit Fire Festival near Philadelphia last weekend. They have a tight knit crew who are uber welcoming and filled with enthusiasm. The first version of a new act I have was performed there and I am going to give you an exclusive sneak peak to see it here:
Click to download Dawn’s New Show
France was deeply transformative, and if I took nothing else from my time there, it was practical lessons on paying attention to the inner voices, the body and the world.

oh, and just before I go…


Benjamin and I will be celebrating our union in Canada next summer. Yay!

As they say in Philadelphia, have a great day y’all!
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