I bought it October 2004. I actually lost it last August 2006 in England, but there was still hope of her returning home. Ryan had found it when I called to check back then, but the news returned only recently that she was totally gone.

My mom had given me the money as a birthday present. The ball was a poly-carb, so she was slightly gray. I played with her everywhere. She was heavy, and upon dropping her on the hardwood floors of my old apartment would jolt the neighbors. My neighbor’s here, The Skylight Restaurant, told me to play after hours (7pm-8am) with her. Apparently, it sounds like thunder if she drops. She’d been cracked 1/2″ deep in three places from Busking over cement. I loved her all the more for it.

Ryan came home without it last time, and before the Hangers closing, he went back there and still could not find it. I whined a little about he loss but shrugged it off “its only a ball”. I have been wondering why I am having trouble getting myself out there to busk this year. I don’t have my ball anymore – and it was my favorite and most appropriate prop. I had been doing body rolls with her for two years, I knew it – I could do nearly everything I could do with a stage ball, and more… I could even get some down the leg roll kick-ups with this acrylic! Acrylics are part of the draw and these 3″ things just won’t do!

Last night I dreamt all night about that ball, that I was chasing it and looking for it, and trying to find a new 4″ that I wasn’t afraid to drop. Her character (the scratches) allowed me a freedom with it that I wasn’t afraid to really move with her. We could dance so openly – she was my favorite busking partner.

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