There was once a yelp for joy each time I landed a behind the neck roll, yet now there’s a yelp of frustration if I drop it. I got this trick the first time I tried, but it was lost on me for years after that one time that had me believe it was possible. I finally achieved it solidly after 3 years, then it required smoothing. Smoothing and smoothing a hundred times a day, left and right, inside, outside, drills until my body knows the path, until the ball was still while I walked underneath it

Upside down, twists, corkscrews, up and down, learning about all this space and so many variations of body movement. I tried popping the ball across, daaamn. Yet, for body rolls my correction lines can have a wide margin sometimes, but for me, I am finally starting to achieve this feeling of complete freedom to let the ball go where it wants, I just have to align the track nicely so it has a smooth journey.

So, There is an person accomplishment I need to recognize that I have achieved:
Absolute freedom to move around any improvised flow of the ball.

This has been one of my most disciplined accomplishments. I take away confidence knowing I achieved it.

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