I remember asking someone as a child “How can a powerful elephant be caged?”. At the zoo or circus, the baracade looked like something that they could easily get through – so why wouldn’t they?

The elephant, they told me, had been trained as a child. They’d put a giant chain on the foot of the elephant, and although he tried and tried he couldn’t break free. When the elephant learned that he could not break free, he gave up trying. The older elephants could then be placed on ropes, because they wouldn’t even try to break it. When the elephant felt the tug on his foot, he would already know he couldn’t go any further.

They continued to tell me that if they broke free – because they trampled away in fear (of a fire?) – they then realized they could break free, and that elephant could never be held caged again.

I wonder what elephants would do if they could not only communicate, but manipulate the minds of humans to make us do stupid human tricks?

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