So, wow.

Last night I had a dream that I jumped off the moon with a parachute in my space suit costume to earth. It’s a sign, really, one that knows that I am leaping into a beautiful adventure, arriving in reality and reality is truly a dream.

The reality is that I’ve been invited to join The Busking Project for the last leg of their journey through South America. What an amazing opportunity to be part of this incredible adventure and wonderful contribution to the Street Arts community.  I can often be very critical of various causes, but my every part of my soul supports what this team has created already, and wants to help them fulfill this dream to it’s greatest potential. I believe this could be the film that represents street art for what it’s really worth in the world as a contribution to the real life wonders of impromptu art in it’s full glory. It is so well developed in it’s film quality and production, in the way it captures the people they meet, and in the intentions of the team themselves.

Can you be in love with a project? These guys have really captured a dream I hadn’t known existed (yet have already been fulfilling myself on a small scale). I can’t believe I get to join them to help! It’s amazing when something you never imagined flies into your life and happens to be the most incredible thing you’ve ever seen. Awesome.

We need your help to keep this dream alive. The Busking Project is looking for Sponsors or Donations to help with the costs of creating this film. As a independent project, filming in 40 countries over 10 months and creating a feature length film as well as hundreds of promotional shorts for each featured performer, is ambitious. These ambitions are already %50 completed, with some amazing results, and you could help this become the next big film to come out of the film festival circuit.  We would be very grateful to any and all contributions to the project.

I’m going to Bogota on Friday. I may not post here for a time, keep updated through the Facebook Page to keep up with the adventure.

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