It’s time to represent some badass contemporary juggling women of 2015 who have inspired me this year. While there are many others that continue to inspire me throughout my career (cough – Bekka Rose – cough) these ones specifically inspired me in 2015. Rock on ladies!

Svetlana & Olena

More specifically, Olena Biambasuren & Svetlana Kolodiy act at the EJC where they passed 5 clubs while riding a unicycles. Their work in that show was so classy and clean, it was incredible to watch. How graceful is that?


Gaëlle Cathelineau

Now this is the kind of character I aspire to. What an amazing clown act, with some serious technical clubs. Booya. I was floored by her work at the National French Juggling Convention this year. She also works with…

Audrey Decaillon

Gaëlle and her both work in in the Collectif 100% Plastik where they have a great clowny duet piece. I also got the priviledge to see their work individually. I can’t find a video of her act from the NFJC, but it was a take-no-bull, powerful, suit wearing contemporary french act like that I have never seen. These ladies are truly at the top of the juggling feild.

Jeanine Ebnöther

Jeanine taught me about Alexander Technique mixed with clown last year and I have been using the principles of her class in my daily practice since then. She appeared for the first time on video for a long time in the Contact Juggling Collaboration video with her Mad Contact Juggling skillz. From what she tells me, she has been doing many different contemporary acts around Europe, catch her show if you can!

Ariane & Roxana

I was lucky to be in the front row at the EJC Open stage to get a close up view of Roxana and Ariane. Footwork is so difficult! Even if I try to do it every day, these women are leagues beyond what I believed possible. They have a contemporary style, and a enormous work-ethic. They have a foot-juggling laboratory coming up in February if you want to play!

Kirstie Duncan

Kirsten is someone who doesn’t use facebook or youtube. I have not seen her stage act. However, she a personal favorite of mine for geeky technical conceptual work. Our conversations about contact juggling technique at EJC this year are continuously boggling my mind, and it is stuff I continue to work with months later due to her inspiration. I hope she shows more of her work online. *nudge nudge*

Gail O’Brien

Okay, Gail is a hooper. But a hooper who can juggle 5 hoops is a juggler by my definition. She came to my Contact Juggling class at EJC this year and where the jugglers were struggling with balls she did the whole thing with a hoop! She’s been featured in the EJC gala in 2014 and generally is an amazing performer.

Neta Oren

This badass ball juggler throws down in the show All The Fun with the company cie e aeo. She can continue to juggle while being flipped through the air or shaking her head from side to side, blinding her to the ball. She is an incredible performer who is hugely talented.

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