It’s the end of the world as we know it.
And I’m being dramatic, I know,
It just seems like everywhere,
Someone says ‘That’s changed since though’

Growth is instant when ideas are shared,
Progress becomes quicker paced.
Times speed is relative to those who choose,
To participate in the human race.

The world as we know it ended yesterday,
Or at least that’s how I see mine.
And today a new one begins,
So is the pass of time.

Five minutes of fame
Becomes fifty seconds
Decifering decisions
Changing perspective.

You can’t see a complete circle,
‘til you step out of the ring
Only then you can see,
How far you’ve brought things.

So don’t worry about the sky falling,
Twenty twelve or four horsemen.
It is the shift right under our nose,
That will change things again.

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