I busked hard this week and it is fulfilling, inspiring, humbling and personally creates so much magic. Contact juggilng gives me reason to talk to so many strangers of different ilk, of all ages and class, ethnicity and origins. I get to hear so many stories of what my lucid ball brings out in them. “Is that made of electricity?” a little boy asks, a cute little girl demands more “tricksies” to which only my most difficult moves can impress the 5 year old, then business men tell me that it’s pure magic when I do a palm circle.

It’s exhausting, and although I do have many photos taken of me, I have none to show. I have been on the beach for the past 4 days, working as hard as I can – but I know I could push harder. I stretch before I leave, and in my breaks. I bath and stretch when I get home, but my back still feels like it wants to seize sometimes. Ryan has been giving massages ~ I am so grateful for them.

Although I am always juggling, school gets in the way most days and now this is back to training. I am out of shape in my training regimen, but it gets better with time. My body rolls feel flowy like and isolation after 5 days on the street, and I can head roll the 4′ acrylic now. My shoulder is still in pain at times, even after 6 weeks break and I’ll be honest when I say I am glad it’s raining today. I need the day off to get my life in order, my body rested and my mind together as I prepare.

Busking is a strange and lonely job, yet it puts me into this meditative state. The world glows after a day of training my bliss, sharing it with anyone who’s around to see, get paid a wage I could live off of. It becomes a state where my thoughts form in poetics, where the world feels perfect.

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