Performing to Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade was a grande experience. The ability to perform with a full symphony was so full and rich with emotion and powerful technique. So many people’s passion combined into a single moment, with the addition of my expression of story telling and music was pure magic. Orchestral music is so rich on it’s own, but then they added my work to the mix.

So many people who held me up and allowed me to share this with the world:
Evan Michell The musical director, and who contacted me with this brilliant proposal, giving me a platform to express myself with.
Remi Laroussinie who helped build the foundations of this piece, and reworked my work for more poise and grace
Bekka Rose who was an outside eye, a lighting technician and my unconditional support. Her strength is in the details and she understands what needs to get done to make things clean and beautiful.

Of course, my parents, my husband and all my friends whom I’ve spoke to in the last year were continuously helpful and gave me insights and I am grateful for every piece of advice that helped this come together.

After getting off that stage, there is so much gratitude for each member of the symphony. The only thing more that I could wish for is that it could be a run of shows for a couple days in a row!

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