So many people did really amazing 30 day challenge videos this year, and a lot of them did compilation video edits so we can watch them all in one shot! If you haven’t done a 30 day Flow Challenge yet, I seriously recommend you start now! No matter what prop you use, it will strengthen your resolve, your practice and your understanding of your own work.

Here are some of the heroes that made huge progress in their 30 days in January.

Juggleheart – Germany – contact juggling

She has such a soft, warm touch, yet her style is very fluid and controlled. This is a hard task to complete! She stayed with us throughout the whole challenge, and it was great to have her support during the ups and downs of training.

Gonzolo – Argentina – new style ball juggling

My new favorite toss juggler, Gonzolo is a beast at sequences! Watching him has helped me level up my own toss juggling game, and inspired me to push farther. Yet, honestly, you would enjoy watching his clean style much more than my own.

Mark Williams – New Zealand – Ball Juggler & more

Mark is from New Zealand and he is working on some fun and unique work with his 7-11 ball rolling basket ball cascades. He is also a really great juggler in general, and his Contact Juggling moves excite me (always). Despite all his technique, of course I favor the clowny bit with the bum bump…

Nick Jack Juggles – 3 ball juggling base patterns

He has been learning the base patterns in juggling and it was wonderful to watch. He reminded me to go back and re-learn some of the old work I rarely do any longer, giving me a chance to remember that it’s really hard, and I have forgotten most of what I once learned as a child when I juggled.

Drex Factor Poi – USA – Double Staff

Drex has some amazing illusion stuff using the VTG theory work in his 30 days of flow + 1. Because he is a real geek, he decided he needed to do an extra day because of the mathematical satisfaction of those numbers.

Noel Yee – USA – Poi Choreography

Noel is one of the OG’s of the modern day poi scene, having created the “site swap” of poi theory called Vulcan Tech Gospel. He’s now kicking it with so many throwing patterns, contact poi, triple poi and all this new work that he’s looking to include in his choreography. He, like myself, is a performer, and this work helps us do daily training to keep our performance skillz sharp and new.

Last but not least of course, Myself.

Dawn Dreams Circus – Canadian in France – Acrylic Balls

This is the beginning of a new way of working in my body. In an attempt to find presence and character and most of all grace, I took on this challenge and started to rework the fundamentals of my style. It looks like I am steering towards contemporary dance mixed with juggling, which is tough, because now I have to actually learn how to dance.

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