So I have some deep philosophies about the color green and have given a great amount of thought. Wikipedia says that the word is close to Old English, meaning, to grow.  In some ways the color of new growth is neon, and this bright new color is my favorite, the green of choice.  In Vancouver, you have to appreciate this to get through the rainiest days. If you understand the correlation of the green of this new spring growth with the rain that supplies this growth then you can appreciate how this land really is all about new growth.

I’ve learned a new word, the word Solastalgia . This word is connected to nostalgia and refers to the missing of one’s land that has changed environmentally from some destruction. It is this missing of the green lands which once filled our back yards, but have eroded due to climate change, or pollution or simple destruction of peoples presence. I wear green so often because of this solastalgia. When I look out my windows and see concrete for miles lining the shores I miss the great trees that should be here. This is a tree friendly city and I still miss the green.

I dream of a day where the rooftops are built to be strong enough for gardens and trees. I hope we grow food on each balcony. I wish that this whole city could live under the canopy of trees that once lived in this place, in the not so distant past.

My friend Carmen once said to me “if we all chose to move out to the country side, then the country side will soon become a city”.  In this I agree and realize that I cannot stay in the lush green all the time the way I would like to, if I would like to get what I need to do done, I have to stay here and encourage the city to become more green.

Right now, I stand out in a crowd, because I took this new growth of the trees that were once here and I attempt to replant this idea simply by embodying this color. When people ask, I find it is difficult to explain, that I represent what was once here before the gray sidewalk,  new growth.

One seed is all it takes

I dream one day you will join me.

To fulfill this goal more thoroughly, I have decided to join the Green Peace team as a street canvasser.  I need a bit more money for school than performance is giving me, although I believe performance is picking up quick, I think I can balance both.

3 balls in the air –  school, work and juggling performances. This will be the biggest thing I have ever juggled.


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