Hey Spinners and Jugglers,

There is a story about a mythical place call the Drome that was in London, England between the year 1997 – 2000.

This was an underground Squat which had weekly parties for spinners to go to. There was 3 rooms, and amazing rave music. 200-300 people would come every week, making it the largest ever Spin-Jam of all time.

People from all over the world would show up. The people would then go spread the word throughout the world, traveling to Thailand, the USA, and all around Europe.

This mythical place needs to have it’s story told, but, there is zero evidence of it online. I am hoping to write an article about it, since it’s existence would have been the largest influence on the Flow Arts world in history.

Please, can someone send me photos, video, stories, names, dates and any other information of this wonderful legend of a place?

send info to: juggleinfinity@gmail.com with the title the Drome
Thanks in advance!

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