I bought stilts last summer and have been practicing on them for a almost 9 months now. I feel like I can go out into the world with them and show everyone how super tall I am, YAY! The hope is to be able to juggle, contact juggle, spin fire and do everything except unicycle on top of stilts, making all of my shows have double the impact!

I also bought some fabric to make my first pair of basic stilt trousers and I am looking for materials to cover the feet like shoes. I think it is important to the whole character to have full feet, giving the audience relief to their suspension of disbelief!

Here we go folks, I can now stilt walk on 2 ft stilts for your parties (soon to be 4ft as these are adjustable)! The hope is that I can do almost all my juggling, high up in the air! WEE!

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