Last weekend, I met the The Busking Project.  The production crew, Nick, Chris and Belle came through my house with their cameras to find the local street artists of Vancouver and filmed me and a number of other performers in town.  I had contacted them late last year in a response to a thread on a street performing message board where Nick had begun asking questions about how people would be willing to help with his project.  I messaged him and told him he could should come to Vancouver to see the street artists here.  He asked if I had a spare couch, to my surprise, and I offered them a place if they needed somewhere to stay.

After much deliberation from them on whether or not Vancouver would be on the map of their journey, they came to stay with me in my living room and began filming everything within an hour. I had been following these guys on their blog , but I honestly had no idea what I was in for, except from what I had seen in their promotional video.

Once they came in, I was fascinated with the stories they had told me about each country and person they had met on their journey. They have millions of tales of each performer’s unique style and sensibilities.  Somehow I over looked all the videos of each person they had on their website, which are amazing in quality and each tell a beautiful story, like the story of the The Hong Kong Rose Sculptor.

These guys are super humble stating “Anyone can do this” as if everyone in the world is as hard working, determined, patient and brave enough to travel the world as they are. They see the beauty of the street theater so automatically that they take their wonder and awe for granted, yet are willing to completely uproot their lives to share this beauty with anyone who will watch! On top of it, they are super generous to the performers, giving them each a High Definition, beautifully shot, quality videos for each of them to use as promotion in the future, editing them all along the way on while on trains, buses and flights. They have a mandate to try to be as environmentally friendly as possible and are staying with local people (couch surfing) the whole trip.

They have done all this magic with donations funded through the people who love street art, with the people who allow them to stay on the couches across the world, and of course with the street artists themselves that they can find who give their time and energy to talk to them. Perhaps I will be lucky enough to gain a place in their documentary, either way, it’s no matter. What they are doing is beautiful and inspiring and perhaps changed the way I view life. .. Or maybe just validated what I see as beautiful and encouraged me to grow a bit more.

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