A young Dawn

My love for loud clothing started young.

I was 7 or 8, and at my cottage on a cold winters day and my brother was juggling. He had learned from a Klutz book and was throwing things merrily about in the air. I asked him if he could teach me.
“Not right now” he says as he walks away.

Anger overtook me, as my passion had been set alight. I made a point that weekend, to steal his book and balls and learn to juggle by myself. I learned the whole book and thought, awesome! Now, I know all of juggling. (Boy was I wrong!)

For all my childhood, I loved Christmas time, when mandarins come into season. They are the best weight and size to juggle. I taught my best friend and we used to juggle them in the kitchen at night while we waited for our popcorn to pop. Passing ultimate’s seemed to come easy back then, and we played with it all the time. My mom used to get mad if I would leave slimy, beaten oranges in the basket, so the only rule about playing with my food was I had to eat whatever I juggled.
I ate 9lbs of mandarins the week that rule was made, and they are my favorite food to this day.

My brother and my best friend no longer know how to juggle. And unfortunately, when I was 14, I gave up juggling because it “was useless”. I had decided I was going to become a model. Ha. What a joke! Life turned the tables on my 14 year old understanding of the world, now, didn’t it?


To this 14 year old girl, trying to look pretty seemed useful.

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