The first week has been rehearsals and getting used to the new climate and culture, although, here on Had Tien, they cater to Western tourists to a significant degree, so it’s barely a change in culture quite yet. This will change as we all head north.

As the team comes together everything is really looking snazzy. We did an open mic night at The Sanctuary Resort last night to promote our big show here tonight. It was a really fun show with a renegade style vibe, except there were a lot more singers and poets than there would be at a juggling festival. Some of the singers blew me away and our crew represented nicely. Tonights our big show and we have to be packed and ready to leave bright and early in the morning to get to the next island and next show tomorrow.  It’s all super exciting.

Check out the blog on the SPARK blog for more info on our shows, and if you haven’t already DONATE NOW before we have to get supplies!

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