Runs through my apartment daily…The phone will ring of the hook,
There is a parade, or protest twice a week taking over the streets in front,
Artists, crystal lovers, Taoists, jugglers, writers, singers philosophers, staff spinning, hooping, and all sorts of crazy madness members come around, daily co-inspiring one another, in this little space on the drive.

This neighbourhood might explain the madness of the house, and the house reflects the mind of an individual…and their choices in living.

I love the drunken Italians singing down the street at 2 am, the crazy costumed freaks who paraded around at Halloween, the feeling as if I were in a war zone for 3 hours for fireworks which were creating the crazy colourful rainbows in the sky, the trees in front of my window in the morning, the monkeys on my balcony waving at the world, the 50’s music from the 50’s diner, the dreadies, the Krishna’s, that random – I juggle a three ball cascade everywhere I walk – guy, the police that drive down the drive every 4 minutes, and the dogs that take over the sidewalks in front of my door.

It’s hard to focus on school work with all this magical madness surrounding me..

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