Wow,  I’ve been very busy with life and haven’t told you what I have been up to over the past while ~ I apologize, but it’s because I am having too much fun!

I have been working with the Public Dreams Society a lot this past while, including the Canada Day Parade in Vancouver and Abbottsford!
IMG_1408 IMG_1411

(We are a brief moment at 4:55)

This short clip represents only a small fraction of that day and by that time the parade was going so fast most of the floats had to RUN! It was great fun, so exciting to see so many smiling faces in the crowds and when I did get to stop and do some tricks it was welcomed with great applause! I am so thankful for the opportunity to perform and the appreciation I get from performing these silly human acts.

Soon, I will be performing my stilts with Public Dreams at the Illuminares Festival for the first stilt performance I have ever done! It’s totally exciting, especially since they have taught me to build my own peg stilts and we have been practicing playing soccer with them on!

I look forward to posting some of the backdated material I have soon.

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