Flow is the essence of spirit, the base of human consciousness, the innocence of a child. It is the full awareness of the moment and yet the slowing of time. It is a healing place, a meditative place, it is a vulnerable place but a place of connection and rebirth. It is essential for humans to feel a sense of flow periodically to feel whole and fully human.

The Flow Arts are a way into this essence. These movement arts can help remove the self-consciousness of lived-experience, allowing immersion one into pure focus, of movement, dance and rhythm. The Flow Arts have element of community and therefore a sense of belonging. This gives participants in that community the freedom to be seen while in their essence. If one is in total flow, they are in a place of acceptance of all emotions and they have the freedom to express it. Sometimes the feeling of flow can be so powerful that the realization that one is in a flow state is enough to knock them out and back into a state of self-consciousness. It is difficult to shake the chains of adulthood, judgement, fear and a sense of lack of worthiness. But flow is where this can happen. The Flow Arts help that journey. A flow state allows one to go beyond the knowledge of experience, giving those who are in it a sense of freedom, awe and wonder with the world. It is a place of openness, curiosity, and vulnerability. It contrasts with the worlds demands of being too-cool, stoic, or knowledgable for protection. A flow state allows for a state of not-knowing, which removes the confines of the mind and body and lets one go into a full-playful state. Children are commonly in these states of flow. We watch them with awe as we wonder how to get back there. Connecting to flow in any medium is the way.

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